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Call to the District Convention in Willmar, Minnesota - 05/30/2018
Submitted by: Dan Leikvold
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If you have not yet done so, it is time to register for the 101st Annual Convention of the Minnesota Dakotas District of Kiwanis International. The Convention will take place August 10-12.

Every single club in the District should be represented and take full advantage of this great opportunity. To register and to learn more about the Convention, go to http://www.mndak-kiwanis.org/Page/1010

We are very happy this year to be returning to the friendly and beautiful city of Willmar. The hospitality, the attractions, the dining, the fishing, the historical sites, and the Willmar Conference Center, all add up to make this an outstanding setting for a great Convention. I am confident that while you...

Convention Corner - 05/30/2018
Submitted by: Judie Rosendahl
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I can hardly believe that we will be in Willmar for the 101st Minnesota Dakotas District Convention in only two months. I am looking forward to seeing you there! I have heard from first timers that they learned more about Kiwanis in one day at the convention than they knew from many years as a member. So glad that we can be involved with Kiwanis education. We have many great forums scheduled with many qualified, enthusiastic presenters. The US Army, a Kiwanis partner, will be presenting a forum as well as one entitled "How to be a Kiwanian." We will sending out a complete listing of the forums soon. Watch your email for this information.

Saturday afternoon we will be having a joint...

June Update - 05/30/2018
Submitted by: Steve Handegaard
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District Convention Director Position Opening: Judie Rosendahl our current District Convention Director has indicated that she will be stepping down after this year’s convention. Anyone interested in this volunteer position should contact Governor Dan Leikvold, Governor Elect David Harms or Steve Handegaard, District Sec/Treas for additional information. If possible we like to have someone appointed to the position as soon as possible so they can work alongside Judie during this year’s convention.

Club Election Reports for 2018-2019: Thank you once again to Club Secretaries for submitting your Club Election Reports. The reports were due June 1, so if you have not entered your information...

District Convention Memorial Service - 05/29/2018
Submitted by: Denis Cornell
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We will once again hold a memorial service at the 101st Minnesota-Dakotas District Convention in August 2018. Since 2012 we have held a Memorial Service at the District Convention to honor those Kiwanians who have passed away since our last convention. This service is a way to recognize the tremendous Kiwanis service to the children of the world by those who have passed away. During the service, the names of those who have passed away are read and a carnation is placed in a vase in their honor. Following the service, the carnations may be taken back to your club or to loved ones of the deceased. The 101st district convention will be held in Willmar, MN, August 10-12, 2018 and the Memorial...

Service Near and Far - 05/29/2018
Submitted by: Al Vanderlaan
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Service near and far!

Will we see what happened to the children we serve?  Some we will, some we won”t.

We all would like immediate victory and see the fruits of our labors.  This may not always be true.

I have seen long term fruits of our labors. The children and their children.

Plant the seeds! Believe your are and will make a difference.  If we can save and benefit one child we Kiwanians are victorious.

Our new representatives from both Scholastic Books and Books for Kids will be at our District Convention in August. Be sure to come and meet them.

Kiwanis Children's Fund Update - 05/29/2018
Submitted by: Kathy Welle
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Have you heard about the KIWANIS DOLLAR?
Every One dollar Bill has a letter in a black circle. If you see a K. that is the Kiwanis dollar. A challenge to you and your clubs: how many K dollars can you collect from now until our District Convention in August. These K dollars will be designated to the Children’s Fund. We can have competition between clubs and/or members to see who can collect the most K dollars from now until August, 2018. Any suggestions for competitions are Welcome.

Kiwanis Children’s Fund – About Us
The Kiwanis Children’s Fund raises money that transforms the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world....

Kiwanis Educational Foundation - 05/29/2018
Submitted by: Jack Zierdt
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With the end of the school year either here, or fast approaching, depending on where you are, the students that have received their scholarships from the Foundation are very grateful for all that we as Kiwanis members do for them. I have received many notes and letters of thanks for the scholarship that the students received from the Kiwanis Educational Foundation of the Minnesota-Dakotas Kiwanis District and the Children’s Fund/District Foundation. The scholarships that we have awarded this year are $950.00 scholarships that some of your clubs have increased to the $1,000.00 amount by sending a $50.00 donation to the Foundation. There is still time to honor the student(s) that won scholarships....

Submitted by: Sharon Scudder
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The Eye of the Tiger Team will be joining the MN-DAK District Governor Dan and members of the formula team to work in Egan, Eden Prairie and Bloomington, MN from June 3rd to June 6th to open at least 3 new clubs. If we have time, we will be working at Mall of America too. Kiwanis International President, Jim Rochford, Brad Boyd, Kendra Skidmore and others will be here to assist in making these clubs a reality.

Way to Go in strengthening clubs. Listed below are the new members in the clubs and their sponsors. We are missing a few sponsors so check with your secretary to make sure you are credited for ASKING:

DIVISION 1 - Devils Lake - Kari Agatness by Colleen Batton
DIVISION 3 - Baxter Lakes...

Kiwanis & Student Council Working Together - 05/28/2018
Club: Harvey - Submitted by: Sandy Teubner
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Harvey’s 7th and 8th grade student council members joined Harvey Kiwanis on Tuesday, May 22nd to pick up trash in the ditches along Highway 52 on the west side of Harvey. Pam Stewart, Dave Voeller, Joann Hansen and Sandy Teubner from Kiwanis joined the students who were also accompanied by chaperones Ken Radke and Ashley & Kyle Ketterling. It's a "win-win" project working with the youth/students to teach them not to litter and hopefully have them thinking twice when they want to disgard something out the car window to remember what it was like when they picked up all the trash", said Teubner. "We also appreciated the manpower as many of our members are unable...

Spiritual Life Dinner - 05/28/2018
Club: Fargo Rough Riders - Submitted by: Rough Riders
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On the evening of May 21, Rev Dr David Knecht, a long time member of Rough Riders, led the club and guests in an evening of fellowship concentrating on the importance of Prayer, and spoke on "Renewing your Sense of Awe". A guest musician sang 'Amazing Grace' and 'God Bless America'. The opportunity to recognize members was included in the evening. Lisa Mulvaney, West Fargo Key club advisor, was honored for receiving an award for outstanding advisor in MNDAK Key clubs. Dave Ferguson was also honored with a Vantine fellowship given by the club in appreciation for his leadership as immediate past president.