Colleen Hyde
District Director of Education


CLE- Club Leadership Education Information

Reminder: Club officers should participate in CLE the year prior to taking office. 


To ensure that club officers are equipped with the tools and skills they need to succeed, they should complete the Club Leadership Education offered through the District and Kiwanis International.   

The CLE session that is planned for this year is a great time for presidents from clubs to get together and not only learn about their responsibilities, but also get to share what the other clubs are doing.  It is a wonderful way to get to know fellow Kiwanians in your area.  We encourage you to attend this session with a certified instructor from within the district.  It will be held on Friday morning before the District Convention, August 11, at 8:30 a.m.

Online sessions also give club officers the information needed for their position and also gives credit towards the Kiwanis International Club Recognition Program Award for the year.    

According to the Kiwanis International website, these are the options that club presidents and secretaries have:                         

Club Presidents have two options: 
     • Classroom education (see above schedule)     
     • Online training with a self-paced online experience that gives you flexibility to learn when you have the time.  This can be completed all at once or in multiple visits to the site. Online education course

Club Secretaries have one option: ·         
     • Online training, again with a self-paced online experience.  Online education course

Club Secretaries must take the online training to qualify their club for the Kiwanis International Club Recognition Program Award.    

Question:  Is education only for the president and secretary?  The answer is no.  Please check here and the “Learn” and “Lead” sections. Under this section is education for the board member, treasurer, club member, committee chair, club membership chair and youth protection.    

So, we hope that you will take the online education course(s) and/or register for the Club Leadership Education session at the convention in August.  We will see you there and hope you enjoy some Kiwanis moments with fellow members. 

The will also be a "forum" for incoming club presidents offered at the district convention in August.  Plan to attend to get your questions answered and meet and share ideas with other presidents from throughout the district.