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Achieving Club Excellence - 12/31/2017
Submitted by: Dan Leikvold
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Now that the holidays have passed, the time of the year has come to put our new year’s resolutions into action. Whether it’s starting a new project or taking better care of one’s health or vowing to travel more or committing to work less and spend more time with family, many of us establish goals that we believe will enhance our lives.

I wish you all the best in setting and keeping your personal goals for 2018. I also wish to ask those of you who have not yet done so to strongly consider setting new goals for your Kiwanis Clubs as well.

We know that over the course of the last two decades, our communities and our surroundings have changed quite a bit. Depending on the...

January Update - 12/30/2017
Submitted by: Steve Handegaard
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Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2018!

Member Email Addresses: Club Secretaries- Please check your club member information database and make sure that we have the current email addresses for all members in your club that have one. You can update your club members’ information through your online KiwanisOne Secretary access. The Kiwanis International database is where we access email addresses for the District Minnekotan Newsletter and other important communications. Email addresses change often, so please keep them as current as possible. All members can access and change their own profile information by logging into the following Kiwanis Portalbuzz website https://members.portalbuzz.com/Member/User/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fMember

New Calendar Year brings Applications for Scholarships - 12/29/2017
Submitted by: Bill Lardy
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The dawning of a new year gets me to thinking of what an exciting time it is for graduating high school seniors as they look forward to completing their high school years and the challenges this change means for their future. For many graduates it means choosing a college as well as how to finance their post-secondary education.

As a Kiwanian in the Minnesota Dakotas District I take great pride in the fact that our Education Foundation each year awards more than $45000 to more than 50 exceptional students from throughout the District. The $850 average scholarship gives each recipient a significant amount of help to reduce the overall cost of the first year of post-secondary education. The scholarship...

Enjoy service - 12/29/2017
Submitted by: Al Vanderlaan
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I know your club as well as mine is working hard for the Christmas holiday season. Many of you may be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. The new year is nearly upon us. Plans are being made by club leadership to help the children in your community and around the world .

I am very encouraged about how each of you serve the children in your communities. Be sure to think about supplying books to the private church schools as well as the public schools in your local communities. Both Scholastic and Books for Kids have complimentary programs that can be used in conjunction together. Ask me if you are interested in either program and I will help you.

Work with your Key Club and Builders Club on...

ICON: Las Vegas in Entertainment - 12/29/2017
Submitted by: Courtney Taylor, OTIC Chair
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If you can’t wait to experience Las Vegas this summer here are a few screened and literary options to immediately spark your Sin City mood.

The Hangover (2009) follows a few friends around town as they try to recover from a wild bachelor party. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon are just a taste of the cast plotting to simultaneous rob three banks in Ocean’s Eleven (2001). If you still can’t get enough of Elvis Presley, pull out your copy of Viva Las Vegas (1964) and turn up the volume for “C’Mon Everybody,” “Santa Lucia,” and “Do the Vega.” If two hours of television isn’t enough and you need something to binge-watch your...

Happy New Year Members Keeping the Old and Adding the New - 12/29/2017
Submitted by: Sharon Scudder
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My, where has the year gone? The saying is “Out with the Old and In with the New”----- My saying is for all members “We are keeping the Old and Adding the New” We have had some great Divisional Meetings in the previous month held by Dave Odette and Loreena Luetgers. They, along with the Division Formula Team Members and Lt. Governors, have discussed what is happening in their divisions and David and Lorena provided tips in strengthening the existing clubs and helping with suggestions to obtain new members.

We have had many inquiries from perspective members through the Kiwanis International website "Find a Club" feature and those inquiries are being referred...

Curt Mihm receives Kiwanis International Hixson Award - 12/27/2017
Club: Winona, Sunrisers - Submitted by: Neil Broadwater
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(Winona Daily News)  Curt Mihm received the Kiwanis International George F. Hixson Fellowship Award on Dec. 20 from Winona Kiwanis Sunrisers, LaVern Hauschildt.

Mihm served as the club’s chair of the Children’s Services Committee for many years and provided leadership for the annual Kiwanis pre-kindergarten and kindergarten reading program project in Winona schools. The award is a way of recognizing people who have contributed significantly to Kiwanis’ history of generosity. Mihm read to many children in classrooms over the years, scheduled other Kiwanis members to read and lined up reading books to donate to those children.

The Winona Kiwanis Sunrisers Club meets every...

Mankato Kiwanis Holiday Lights - 12/27/2017
Club: Mankato - Submitted by: Mary A. Hokanson
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Downtown Mankato Kiwanis Holiday Lights enjoyed a wonderful sixth season with enthusiastic community input. The display was open from November 24 to December 31. Some highlights were watching the reindeer, skating on the "pond", listening to music in the Giving Barn, watching the dancing lights, and voting for one of 76 trees decorated by organizations, and driving/walking through the displays.

video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET80HUeNXrw&feature=youtu.be 

Christmas Wrappers - 12/26/2017
Club: Fargo South Point - Submitted by: Larry Rittgarn
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Christmas wrapping is always a great time of the year for the Fargo South Point Kiwanis members, as its a time to give lots of service, and also create funds for future projects for our club.  Shown in the photo is Jeff Swanson our immediate past president of our club, and this is a rare sight to see, as the booth is normally swamped with packages and with wrappers. 

We wrap 4 days each year and normally there are 4-5 people in the booth, as the mall creates a location which is excellent for all of us, as its located in the middle of the food court.  The Optimists club of Fargo owns the booth, and many organizations help them with this project.  Jeff has...

Kiwanis Club & St. Aloisius Employees Joined together to sing Christmas Carols in Long Term Care - 12/19/2017
Club: Harvey - Submitted by: Sandy Teubner
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Members of the Harvey Kiwanis, together with Zane Zuleger on guitar, sang Christmas carols to the residents in long term care and swing bed at St. Aloisius Medical Center on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. There were also St. Aloisius employees who joined in, which was appreciated as many Kiwanis members were unable to make it. It’s fun to see the residents sing along to their favorite carols and tap their fingers to the tunes. The Harvey Elementary 1st grade class walked over to the facility to sing a few songs of their own from their recent school concert for the residents. They also followed Zane over to each unit, caroling as they went. Great to see the resident's delight in seeing the children.